Defending you in a variety of situations

Criminal law is complicated and sentencing varies based on the offense. Attorney Mengers takes on cases involving:

  • Drug violations
  • Drunk driving
  • Theft and larceny
  • Assault and battery
  • Sex crimes
  • Probation violations
  • Juvenile law

He's worked as everything from a juvenile attorney to a federal defense attorney. You can feel confident that he's dealt with cases similar to yours. Discuss your case with him now by calling 352-622-5514.

Featured Review

Mr. Mengers Saved My Husband's Life

I highly recommend Mr. Mengers. He is an amazing criminal defense attorney. I previously hired another attorney and was VERY dissatisfied with her service. My husband was looking at serious time for a VOP. Mr. Mengers was able to get him released from jail ROR after he cleared him of the original charges. Prior to being released my husband spent a long time in jail due to Covid pending court dates. He called today and the VOP was dismissed! Mr. Mengers saved my husbands life. He is honest, upfront, objective, a good listener, and my gut feeling told me to hire him. The results show I made the right choice. God Bless you Mr. Mengers. We hopefully will never need a criminal attorney but you are our only choice. Thank You only touches the surface for what you have done for our family.

- Posted by Janis J.

Legal support from a well-qualified attorney

You may not know who to turn to during this difficult time. You want legal support from someone who knows the law and cares about their clients. Many clients reach out to attorney Mengers because he:

  • Has been practicing as a criminal defense attorney since 1986
  • Has served as the president of the Marion County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Is board-certified and can handle federal and state misdemeanors and felonies
When you work with him, you're in good hands. Visit our law office in Ocala, Florida today to begin building your defense.

Justice doesn't spontaneously happen.

Davis v. State, 309 So.3d 318 (1st DCA 2021)

Truth serves as an indispensable component of justice.

Williams v. State, 208 So.3d 766 (3rd DCA 2016)

Take an Aggressive Stance Against Criminal Charges

Work with an established law office in Ocala, Florida

When you run into trouble with the law, it's easy to panic. Retaining a reliable attorney is the first step to fighting for your rights. The Law Office of David Mengers is here to represent you in Ocala, Florida. You'll get assertive representation from our criminal defense attorney. He doesn't quit when prosecution pushes back - he doubles down.