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You'll need a trusted felony attorney in Ocala, Florida

Criminal convictions can be devastating. You could end up paying large fines and spending years in jail. Plus, a criminal record could stop you from getting jobs and housing options. If you need a misdemeanor or felony attorney in Ocala, Florida, you should work with the Law Office of Attorney David Mengers. You can tell us about your case, and attorney Mengers will do everything he can to have your charges dropped or reduced.

What were you charged with?

Attorney David Mengers has represented clients accused of a drug crime, sex crime, assault, theft and DUI in Ocala, Florida. He's even assisted with criminal appeals and probation violation cases. When it comes to juvenile cases, he knows how to use patience and understanding to your benefit.

With more than 34 years of practicing, he's seen a wide range of situations. He'll use this knowledge to build a solid defense for you. Book your free initial consultation with our assault, theft attorney today.

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