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The US Government Prosecutes to the Full Extent of the Law

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When going up against federal charges, you need a reliable federal defense attorney on your side. The Law Office of David Mengers is here to help you in Ocala, Florida. Attorney Mengers has served clients as a property crime, sex crime and drug crime attorney, providing valuable resources and aggressive defense.

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Whether you need a violent crime or drug crime attorney, David Mengers will handle your case with professionalism and compassion. It all begins with a free consultation. During this meeting:

  • You'll tell attorney Mengers about your situation in detail
  • Attorney Mengers will ask you pertinent questions about your case
  • You'll create a plan for your criminal defense with our help
When you reach out to attorney Mengers, you'll get accurate information on federal prosecution from an attorney with over 34 years of experience. Schedule your initial consultation with our federal defense attorney today. Our firm is based in Ocala, Florida.